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Yoni Feminine Wash Bar

Yoni Feminine Wash Bar

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Yoni Soap is meant to cleanse the outside of the vagina and anal area. They can be used to fight odor, restore pH balance, tighten skin, fight bad bacteria and even reduce inflammation. These soaps are a great, Natural alternative to the chemical based products that are promoted in stores

How do you wash with yoni soap?

Directions: Use your hands or a clean bath sponge and apply yoni soap on your external intimate area (area around vagina) during a shower or a bath. Spread your outer labia and clean the folds around your clitoris

Size: 6.5 oz

• Rose Kaolin Clay
• Apple Cidar Vinegar
• Rose Water
• Calendula Petals
• Dried Rose Petals
• Dried Road Buds
• Lavender Buds
• Chamomile 
• Rosemary
• Olive Oil
• Vitamin E

Colors may vary and a slight difference in weight.


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