We're Moving In A New Direction!

We're Moving In A New Direction!

I want say thank you to everyone who has supported the business at our Gunbarrel Road location, it has been a great success but it has also been a tremendous amount of work running the shop, keeping products fully stocked while processing online and manuel orders.

As you know all of products are handcrafted, custom made, and with it being just me at this time some decisions had to be made. With that being said. my husband and I have made the decision to close the shop January 1, 2023 and focus solely on online orders.

We will be looking to hire a small team in 2023, and who knows, we may make the decision to reopen our storefront! But at this time we know we are making the right decision for now. We will be putting our all into building up our online store that has been and will continue to serve anywhere in the USA. We are super excited that we now will have the time to add so many new products to our online store, so you definitely will want to stay tuned!

More information will be coming forth soon and the way you will be able to view these upcoming changes will be through remaining signed up with your email! As we go into the closing of 2022 you will receive emails concerning new products, discontinued products, sales, clearance, and much more! I am SUPER excited about the new changes but will truly miss seeing all your faces in the shop. We are gearing up for some amazing sales so keep a watch out for our emails!


Thank you once again for your loyal support!

We would not be the success we are without YOU!

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