Is Hot Showers and Hot Baths Good For Your Skin?

Is Hot Showers and Hot Baths Good For Your Skin?

I love hot baths and hot showers! I can stay in the shower or tub for 30 to 45 minutes  at a time! It just makes me feel so good. But, after becoming a certified aromatherapist I learned I was doing more harm than good to my skin. 


I have dry skin. After bathing or showing it's another 15 to 30 minutes moisturizing my skin.  

I have seen the after affects it has  caused, and now I'm in the process of reversing the damage taking long hot showers or baths has caused.


Making hot showers a part of your daily routine will not just dry out your skin due to the effect of prolonged exposure to steaming water, but can also:

  • Make your skin prone to infections and allergies
  • A hot water shower can strip away the natural protein and liquid from the skin, making it dry, itchy, and end up burning your skin
  • If you’re already suffering from psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea, you can lose your natural oil.

So what should you do?

Hot water is a big NO, but try taking showers with warm water, lasting no longer than 10 minutes. Use a hydrating cream right after a shower to lock the moisture in.

Take care of the skin your in!




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