How Is Your Self-Care Going?

How Is Your Self-Care Going?

Self-Care.....Most times when we hear this word our mind goes to a massage, soaking in a nice warm tub that has been filled with bath salt and their fragrance filling the air.

Wine, on the side of the tub while we lay back and exhale the cares of the day.

All of this sounds so good, but is not always something we are able to fit into our busy schedule. 

So, let me give another scenerio of self-care.

Self-Care is taking care of YOU mentally, physically, and spiritually. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

So, many times we pour into others, we give and be there for others, and we quickly find ourselves on E, which is not enough, it means EMPTY!

We are tired, exhausted, and even find ourselves depressed or dealing with anxiety. 

I want you to know it's okay to take care of you! It is a must to FIRST take care care of you. To reset, and restore your emotions so that you can be the best version of you that YOU can be!

It's okay to say NO for your health mindset, to do what's best for you.

We cannot save the world! We are not meant to be that which everybody needs! We do not have the capabilitity to fullfil every need!

We are here to FIRST take care of ourselves,  and then, if others need us, be there for them.

First Things First - Love Yourself, Then Others

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